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20 Oct 2015 1 BJ Hensley

Hello and Welcome to our playground! I hope you enjoy your visit and return often! Since you’re here, let me tell you how we started on this adventure.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to create. As a child (and still today) I lived with my head in the clouds, forever crafting make-believe realms of magic and myth.  When I was quite young I was introduced to a delightful game known as Dungeons and Dragons, I embraced it and played as frequently as possible. There were so many amazing places to explore and it was as if I had a wonderfully perfect, never ending, choose your own adventure novel.

As I grew older, and had children of my own, I realized something profound. This game that I enjoyed had great potential as not only a family tradition, but a teaching tool. Young children possess a vast imagination that when encouraged is capable of brightening their lives, and that of those around them. Table top roleplaying games can provide a fun and creative learning environment for the whole family. I have seen children who hated math happily adding and subtracting to account for the mechanical nature of the game. Those who shun novels are somehow more easily inspired to read the rulebooks or campaign settings lying around the house (and every now and again develop a love for novels in the process). RPGs are capable of being an interactive classroom for problem solving, arithmetic, reading, writing, creative thought, and so much more.

The problem I discovered when introducing my own creative crew to this wonderful world I love, is that there are so few family friendly adventures.  If you’re creative and have a lot of time on your hands, you can easily convert adventures or write your own. And for years, that is exactly what I did. But especially as little gamers grow older and want to run games for friends, or younger family members, this can prove to be a problem. I began to wonder if other parents were out there searching for family friendly adventures as well.  And that is how Playground Adventures was born. My desire to give this spectacular experience to my own children, and those around the world, inspired me to do what I always have, to create. I hope those of you who wander through enjoy our imaginary realms as much as my children and their friends do.

—BJ Hensley


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