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Glavost CoverWelcome to Glavost!
The small farming community of Glavost seems an idyllic sleepy town, no different than hundreds of others. Even the citizens would scoff at any contrary notion. However, the charming settlement has been the focus of a shadow war between mighty fey for centuries, acting as the cork in a bottle containing world-devastating darkness.

Here you will find all the information needed to drop the enchanting village of Glavost into your current campaign. This PDF details not only the village itself, but the surrounding fairy forest; a sometimes frightening place that is home to both good and evil fey alike. Can’t get enough mischievous fey? We’ve detailed five brand new ones, from gremlins to the fairy godmother herself, as well as the various incarnations of the Nightmare King from the 5 star adventure Pixies on Parade!

Author: Stephen Rowe

Artist: Jacob Blackmon

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