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pixiescoverThe Pixie Parade is a time-honored event, drawing tourists to the small town of Glavost every year. For these peaceful folk it is a grand feast and excuse for fun, but centuries of tradition leave the origins shrouded in mystery. The citizens are soon to discover all their fairy tales are true.

A brave group of pixies keep the Nightmare King at bay as part of an ancient pact. Now, the bogeyman sets his heir against the defiant fey. When the long-lost boy returns home to lead a final parade, only the town’s children have a hope of victory. Can they turn the fey lord’s magic against him? Can they stand against fear and free an innocent boy?

Pixies on Parade is a stand-alone Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 1st – 6th level characters, who should reach 7th level by the adventure’s conclusion.

“This is a must-have, perfect module for kids, a great module for adults, and a book that should be considered simply inspired in all the right ways…” – Endzeitgeist

Written by Stephen Rowe

Art by by Jacob Blackmon

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