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(PFRPG) Creature Components Volume 1 [PDF]


For generations wizards have sought ways to augment their already substantial magical abilities. Centuries of research has yielded countless new spells, metamagic practices, and even the discovery of cooperative spellcasting as a means for making existing spells more powerful. Now you can add even more power to your arsenal with Creature Components!

Harvest the essence of elementals, the scales of dragons, and the blood of genies for use in augmenting your own spells or take it a step further with mods to magic items, weapons, and armor.

Creature Components is a 56-page rule supplement surrounding the harvesting of specialized components, and their use in the augmentation of both arcane and divine magic. This book includes:

• Rules for identifying and harvesting creature components
• Over 100 creatures in the component catalogue
• Variant Magical Items
• New Magical Weapons and more

Within these pages are options for both players and Game Masters to add variety to treasure hoards, day to day spell casting, and even item creation. Magic has evolved…

While art in this book is tame the content is part of Playground Adventure’s 12 and up line and is not recommended for sensitive small children due to the graphic nature of harvesting creature components. Use of this product at gaming tables involving small children is solely at parental discretion.

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